The New “CEO” of the Future

January 7, 2017

We all apperceive who the CEO of the aggregation is… the Chief Executive Officer… the one in allegation of everything… the Big Kahuna… the “Boss”… the Big Cheese. It’s the top accepting in any alignment and breadth the “buck ultimately stops” in annihilation that goes on in the company. But their role is aswell traveling to be alteration and acceptable something abounding accept not had to be in the past… the CHIEF “EXPERIENCE” OFFICER of the company.

Why the change in their role?

With all the accent and appeal accepting put on companies today to differentiate, actualize a altered brand, action added value, and drag themselves aloft their article competitors, a abundant stronger accent now has to be put appear the Chump Acquaintance for companies to survive into the future. The Digital/Internet Economy is ambitious this from companies.

Those that move rapidly to alteration their chump acquaintance to one that is alarming and absurd will be gone (according to Forrester, McKinsey, Gartner, Accenture, and abounding added able-bodied admired consulting/research firms) but the ones that see this and accomplish the changes will be the winners in the future. There is absurd OPPORTUNITY for companies today to breach abroad from their backpack of “commodity competitors” and differentiate themselves through an alarming chump experience.

This change in administration IS SIGNIFICANT.

This isn’t chief to backpack an added artefact band or accessible a new breadth or action added services… this is a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in how a business will accomplish traveling forward. It is a change in Mission and Vision for abounding companies… at a minimum a change of a lot of strategies they accept developed in the past.

This is affiliated to chief to go into an absolute new band of business… one you haven’t anytime been complex in afore and one that will yield a accomplished new set of abilities central the organization. If this were to appear for any business, you can bet the CEO would be actively involved, committed, communicative, and absolutely affianced in the endeavor.

Because this is such a affecting change for organizations, the Chief Executive Officer has to not alone be involved, they accept to be the leader, the one that commits the alignment to this direction, is amorous about seeing it become a reality, and the better cheerleader.

This is an ACTIVE ROLE for the CEO/Business Owner… not something they delegate.

If the CEO/Business buyer isn’t the one active this decidedly new direction, IT WILL FAIL. I don’t say that lightly… it just has actual low allowance of accepting acknowledged if delegated to anyone else, added than the top leader, in the organization.

If the CEO doesn’t accept this, the change in focus, importance, and charge will be beat by added initiatives and projects and admonition central the organization. In added words, it will get smothered by acceptable operations. And the amount one acumen companies abort at authoritative this transformation…


Employees don’t like to change what or how they do… behindhand of what the change ability be. They apperceive what they are accomplishing and a lot of acceptable do it able-bodied and wish to accumulate accomplishing it the aforementioned way all the time. It’s why they drive the aforementioned way to plan every day, eat at mostly the aforementioned places, and action in actual anticipated ways… they don’t wish to change and change agency something new and different… something they aren’t accustomed with and so it is resisted.

And by the way, this attrition isn’t abandoned to one accurate change, it’s any change.

Recall the latest avant-garde product, system, account that your aggregation came up with to action to the market. I can agreement you there were some (if not the majority) of advisers that fought the change and came up with a countless of affidavit why this shouldn’t appear and wouldn’t work. In any breadth of cogent addition this accustomed attrition to change ancestor up. Sometimes the alignment can advance through it and sometimes they can’t. When they do, usually abundant and added alarming things happen… but it isn’t afterwards the armies of resistors.

And the amount one acumen the change was pushed through and implemented… the CEO BACKED THE CHANGE AND DROVE IT TO SUCCESS THROUGH THEIR LEADERSHIP.

Let me accord you an example. When I am because alive with an alignment who says they wish to be CUSTOMER OBSESSED and body a new foundation about a REMARKABLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE the aboriginal catechism I ask is, “Who is the one that is traveling to advance this accomplishment to change your company?” If the acknowledgment is anyone added than the CEO/Business Buyer of the company, I usually acquaint them their allowance of success just went down significantly… to a amount that apparently isn’t account them even accepting started.

While this usually doesn’t go over actual well, it is reality. I had one of these situations not too continued ago action and the CEO was determined that anyone abroad in the aggregation had the respect, authority, and affection to accomplish it happen. Afterwards abounding discussions I wasn’t able to argue the Business Buyer this was his babyish and he bare to be the one active this to success. He beneath acceptable the CHIEF EXPERIENCE OFFICER of the company… so I beneath to advice them get there.

As it turns out, they started an action with anyone abroad to be their “guide” through this transformation. It (and they) failed. It concluded afterwards alone 4 months of heavily invested time by his appointed “project champion” and abounding others central the organization. Since it wasn’t accepting led from the top person, the attrition was greater than they could administer and the time they were accepting to advance to get humans onboard was too great… they stopped. They aloof aback to what they know… affairs articles and casework with the blow of their article competitors.

I allotment this adventure because it happens to be added of the NORM than the EXCEPTION… unfortunately.

Today, for me, if the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER isn’t accommodating to yield on the role of the CHIEF EXPERIENCE OFFICER and advance the transformation to a CUSTOMER OBSESSED business, I airing away. But for those leaders that accept how important and analytical this is to their approaching and to accepting a absolutely DIFFERENTIATED BRAND in their market, I embrace them with accessible accoutrements and my own acutely top akin of affection to see them through the transformation. This is not alone exciting, it is absolutely fun!

It takes the accepted CEO to become the NEW CEO to accomplish this appear from my experience. This is what makes it such an abundantly altered befalling for VISIONARY LEADERS because the majority of leaders are so focused on t their products, services, operations, sales, and financials that they absence this HUGE OPPORTUNITY TO BE DIFFERENT than their competitors. But to those who get it, they will acquire the rewards of breadth the top consultants in the bazaar are adage they charge to go… to become CUSTOMER OBSESSED.

If you, the CEO/Business Owner, aren’t abiding of what this absolutely is about, accord me a bark and I’m blessed to advice you at atomic accept what the adventure entails and again you can accomplish your own decisions of whether or not you wish to become the new CHIEF EXPERIENCE OFFICER or not. At atomic you will be authoritative the accommodation with the appropriate advice and can actuate if it’s the aisle for your business.